Children Home

India is home to 31 million orphans. Though there are over 75,000 orphanages and shelters in India, most of them lack facilities and infrastructure to provide a nourishing environment to ensure a successful future for these orphans.

Sanjyot Foundation aims to fill this gap by providing all necessary infrastructure and support to the poor orphans so that they can grow into productive citizens of the society. We propose to offer a stimulating environment that would enable the children to grow into well rounded individuals including academic, sports, cultural and fine arts.

The proposed Children’s Home would be set up in a serene and peaceful environment in a village in Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh, away from the hustle and bustle of urban towns and cities. These poor and hapless children would be provided education from primary, high school, intermediate college all the way till post graduation.

Besides striving for academic excellence, the children would be provided the following:
a. Sports training
b. Music and fine arts
c. Spiritual/Moral Education
d. Yoga and Meditation

Our goal is to provide all the necessary life skills  and support to enable these children to become productive citizens of the society. The following is the vision of our Children Home:
1) To provide accommodation, food, clothing and excellent education to the children
2) To impart the kind of education that gives them a broad vision of life and create a sense of belongingness with the whole world.



Inaugurated our children’s home on 1st July 2018.
Expecting to enroll 6 boys for this academic year